// Awareness

Our Awareness approach is geared towards:

  1. Creating a heightened awareness about child mortality in Nigeria, which we believe is the first step to solving a problem.
  2. Raising awareness about:
    Its causes
    The effects on the society at large
    The effects on those directly affected
    The possible solutions needed to tackle this problem
  3. Organizing Campaigns and Outreach programs to equip mothers and pregnant women with the information, knowledge and skills needed to take better care of their children and newborns.
  4. Raising awareness among individuals and corporate bodies through written proposals and events.
  5. Creating wide spread awareness through social media platforms.

// Advocacy

To change ‘’what is’’ into ‘’what should be’’

Berachah Advocacy strategy aims to:

  • Work with Policy makers to influence and promote policies and programs that are aimed at reducing child mortality rates in Nigeria
  • Protect and defend the rights of children
  • Form strategic partnerships with Government Agencies and Organizations to cause and support positive changes
  • Become a voice for the child whose survival rate is low simply by reason of birth in an underserved and impoverished community.
  • Work to ensure that the needed resources to tackle child mortality in communities are made readily available to mother and child

Research conducted strongly indicates that a child’s survival is linked to the mothers’ survival thus all Berachah advocacy efforts shall be geared towards mother and child survival.

// Access

Berachah Access strategy includes:

  1. Plans to ensure safe delivery for mothers
  2. Provision of easier access to Health Services
  3. Partnering with Organizations and Individuals to provide skill acquisition opportunities.
  4. Tackling malnutrition to help the child fight diseases. Malnutrition decreases the child’s chance of survival when exposed to diseases
  5. Access to mental health & developmental programs in the most formative years. So the child doesn’t just survive but thrives and breaks the poverty cycle.