The Biblical name Berachah is Hebrew in origin, its meaning is blessing and our Organization is set to be a blessing.

Berachah is pronounced ber-aw-kaw’.
Berachah was one of the warriors in David’s army. He belonged to the tribe of Benjamin.

Berachah is the name of the valley where Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah assembled with his army to give thanks to God.

1 Chronicles 12:3; 2 Chronicles 20:26


For the total well-being of the CHILD

Berachah is a not-for-profit organization solely committed to the total well being of the child. It was established to tackle the various causes of under-five mortality in our country and thus reduce the rates associated therein.

Berachah is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

We believe that children are the future of a nation. If given the right environment and a fair chance, they will grow to impact their world positively.

Our Objective

Awareness: we create different avenues to educate and inform the public about Child Mortality Rate.

Advocacy: we aim at improving policy related issues in public health services at the individual and community levels.

Access: we make provision for easy access to health care services

Our Mission

To engage in and promote those things that improve the total well-being of children, and to act against those things that diminish it.